The Witcher 3: How To Defeat The Toad Prince


If you’re having trouble taking on the Toad Prince in The Witcher 3, this guide has all the tips you’ll need to come out on top

The Toad Prince is essentially The Witcher 3’s welcoming committee to the Hearts of Stone expansion, and what an introduction it is! This cursed monstrosity has left many players stuck in the muck of its toxic mire throughout the years — and that’s if he didn’t flatten them with a pro-wrestling-worthy body slam first.

If you have been overcome by this amphibian’s venomous tricks or sheer mass, then read on for the answers to all your Toad Prince woes.

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The Toad Prince is classified as a Cursed One in the Bestiary, so coat Geralt’s silver blade in Cursed Oil to make the most of each strike.

Be sure to slug back a Golden Oriole before the encounter to negate the Toad Prince’s poisonous effects. This is a vital component Geralt will need in his arsenal as poison inflicts a large majority of the damage he will sustain during this fight.

It doesn’t hurt to have a stack of White Rafford’s quick-slotted as well. This decoction immediately revitalizes Geralt’s vitality to 100%. It’s a good safety net to keep on hand as the Toad Prince is capable of dishing out some devastating damage.

Hopefully, Geralt won’t need to pop potions during the battle if he prepares by fortifying himself with decoctions such as the Ekimmara or Ekhidna beforehand. The Ekimmara Decoction will revitalize Geralt as he deals damage, and Ekhidna will revitalize him as he uses stamina. The latter can prove especially beneficial as Geralt will likely be casting a lot of signs.

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As always, keep Quen active to absorb at least a portion of damage from this cursed Prince’s grievous blows. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to avoid every single one.

Even though a lot of players underestimate the usefulness of Yrden, this is one of those encounters where Yrden is undeniably helpful. Geralt can trap the Toad Prince in place using Yrden’s basic form to land a few blows with his silver sword. The upgraded Yrden Trap will also stun him while dealing additional damage alongside Geralt’s sword strikes.

Still, some players may remain unconvinced. In that case, you’ll want to use Igni. Fire is equally efficient at stunning the Toad, allowing Geralt to approach for a few strikes while dealing additional fire damage. Igni will do damage regardless, but if you can time the cast right and catch him with a blast of Igni straight into his open mouth, it will cause optimal effects as the fire reacts with the Toad’s internal venom.

Aiming or placing signs effectively can be a bit of a challenge as Geralt will need to be constantly on the move as well in order to evade the Toad’s barrage of attacks. But remain patient because these are really the only ways Geralt will gain openings to attack.

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Things To Watch For

Akin to a grave hag, but undoubtedly more lethal, The Toad Prince has got a long tongue that he uses like a whip which deals massive damage. This is a difficult move to evade, but rolling will probably be your best option.

He’s also got a powerful jump that acts as a bodyslam. You’ll have to watch out for this when you’re in close proximity. Once he’s launched himself in the air, he comes down fast and hard, so Geralt should already be rolling to safety when you notice the Toad Prince preparing to jump. He can also land in a slightly different spot than he took off from, which can make predicting a suitable safety zone a bit of a gamble. You may try rolling in one direction then immediately rolling in a different one from there. Or simply double-roll in a straight-shot away from his takeoff point. When the Toad Prince lands, the impact sprays a wave of toxic sludge in all directions, making the attack dangerous at minor distances as well.

Finally, the Toad Prince shoots a barrage of venom bombs which cause damage on their own but also create poisonous gas clouds that will drain Geralt’s vitality over time. This is where the Golden Oriole comes into play. Geralt is going to be preoccupied avoiding all of the Toad’s physical attacks. By having Golden Oriole in his system, he won’t need to worry about staying out of toxic gas as well. The antidote also helps Geralt ward off poison damage from the Toad’s toxic projectiles, such as the venomous missiles and splashes from his heavy landings.

As long as Geralt stays on the move while remaining calculated in his manoeuvres, the Toad Prince shouldn’t cause him too much difficulty. Still, remember to keep Geralt’s alchemy stores bountiful to negate all that poison and keep his vitality up. Even the most evasive witcher is bound to take one or two hits from this cursed Prince, and with such devastating effects, one or two is all it may take.

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